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    How to Ship Your Belongings Overseas

    Our boxes have arrived! All 63 of them… Yes, we packed WAY too much. The kitchen stuff alone was 42 boxes. No, we didn’t bring our own stove and refrigerator, but Tom is a self-made chef, so he has plenty of “toys.” We shipped a cryovac machine, 22 cutting boards (I don’t know why we need that many), the Vitamix (that’s for me), mixer, food processor, 2 crockpots, special pots, pans, ceramic cookware, and even an espresso machine. When I moved to the Dominican Republic, I had 3 suitcases and 2 dogs. That was a much easier move. Couldn’t we get that stuff down here? Yes, of course we could,…

Epicurean Expats

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