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We’ve spent years traveling the world together, walking through history on different continents and sampling the world’s finest cuisine. While there are certain restaurants and sites in each place we make a point of visiting, we like to explore the neighborhoods and local bars even more.


Queretaro, Mexico
Puebla, Mexico
Pueblos Magicos, Mexico
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
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Best Time of Year To Visit Colonial Mexico

Mexico is a large country with more than just beaches. Mexico has mountain ranges crisscrossing the country with ecosystems ranging from coastline, desert, jungle, canyons, high desert and snow-covered mountains. Temperatures range from hot and humid to dry and below freezing. Mexico is the 4th most biodiverse country in the world, and 62 indigenous languages are spoken throughout the country. To say you’ve “been to Mexico” is like saying “I’ve been to the USA”. One place does not define the entire country. Read more….


Why did we choose Mexico? So many reasons….the people are friendly and inviting, the country is gorgeous in so many ways, and we never get tired of Mexican food.

We moved to Mexico in 2018 and we’ve had our ups and downs with bill paying, the language and the driving, but we know we made the right decision for us. Are you looking to move abroad? Check out the different sections below for more information on what to expect and the unexpected we’ve encountered along the way.


Before You Move

Bills & Car Stuff

Holidays & Celebrations

Life in Queretaro




From street food to fine dining, we love exploring the local food. Check out our posts on regional cuisines from Mexico to the Worlds Best Restaurants.

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