How to Make a Protein Energy Smoothie

How to Make a Protein Energy Smoothie

Advocare products aren’t only good for you, but they are tasty, too!


The major benefit of the Advocare products is that they work together. That means you can blend different products to make new flavors or enhance every day food items.  In the video below I show you how to combine Advocare Spark and a Meal Replacement Shake for an extra tasty tropical smoothie. I used a vanilla shake and Mango Strawberry Spark, but you can combine so many different flavors!


Some of my favorites:

Key Lime Cherry Rehydrate and Vanilla Shake (tastes like key lime pie!)

Raspberry Rehydrate and Grape Spark (extra fruity!)

Chocolate shake with Raspberry Rehydrate (Berry-delicious!)

Vanilla shake and Orange Spark or Rehydrate (tastes like a creamsicle!)

I’ll show you more great recipes in future posts!

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