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From the worlds best restaurants to street food

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    The Complexity of Mole- Real Mexican Cuisine

    Mexican Cuisine as most commonly found in America is usually Tex-Mex, the rice, beans and cheese heavy dishes that fill you up but offer little complexity and elegance. As there is no “Tex-Mex” found in Mexico away from the border towns, we have been exploring real Mexican cuisine. Recently, we discovered a little place on the side of the highway not far from our house that specializes in mole; Tecalli Molli- La Casa del Mole. This cute little restaurant oozing with Mexican charm overlooks a reservoir on the way to San Miguel de Allende. Chickens run free out back, and the serenity of the place puts you at peace. Carved…

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    The Rabbit Place- La Lapin Sauté

    You may not fall down the rabbit hole, but upon entering Le Lapin Sauté, you will find yourself in a Beatrix Potter-meets-Disney-themed establishment. A medley of flower pots are transformed into bell-like ornaments to welcome passer-byes into the warmth of this cozy restaurant. Decorative eggs strung from old vines twist across the walls and around window panes. Antique toys are clustered in every corner and rabbits reign supreme as figurines, wooden cutouts and floppy stuffed animals. A fireplace warms the tiny room filled with small red and white checkered tables and wooden chairs. I’m sure there’s a pot of honey somewhere that Rabbit always kept just for Winnie the Pooh.…

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    Foie Gras and Carnivore Lovers Dine at Au Pied de Cochon

    Tom is the ultimate foodie, and I usually just tag along and eat everything he orders. A few years ago, Tom raved about Au Pied de Cochon and the 20 courses of foie gras, pig, and organ meat he consumed. It sounded absolutely disgusting to me, and a heart attack in the making. But he took his time teaching me about the finer cuisines in life, and now, I was ready to pig out. More than just slabs of animal fat, Au Pied de Cochon resembles a pub with a rustic flair of its rich edible creations. It’s located in the Plateau, a multi-block area reminiscent of New York City’s Chelsea, with mom-and-pop shops…

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    Momofuku’s Comfort Korean Fusion Cuisine

    Momofuku Ssäm Bar’s Korean fusion cuisine never ceases to amaze us. The food is tremendous, and the artistic presentation and creative preparation really make you forget where you are and what’s around you. The conversational drone and blaring music fade away and you devote every fiber of your being to enjoying these edible masterpieces. The food is so inspiring that we bought David Chang’s book Momufuku. We’re ecstatic to have perfected the Steamed Pork Buns recipe at home so we can have it whenever we want. They really are addictive. Twice we have visited Momofuku Ssäm Bar, and both times have been blown away by the quality of the cuisine. The simple…

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